Young Beekeepers

I was lucky enough to see the work of two young beekeepers. A charming and very hard work: essentially the purpose is to create optimal conditions for the development of the hive and in exchange collect a portion of the proceeds.


The day was fantastic, a sunny spring afternoon, great light and a gentle evening breeze. The beekeeper must know very well the hive that he has built, also have great patience and precision as not to upset the sensitive balance of the bees.

It’s a job composed by other jobs: it’s a veterinarian, a carpenter, an ethologist, and finally a beekeeper.

The hive was pretty productive and there were a lot of honey already. It’s incredible how tiny little insect are able to produce so many amazing things like bees wax, propolis, brood, venom, pollen, royal jelly, and of course, honey.


The bee is very sensitive and feels our fears, but also the lack of attention due to the thoughts that you may have in your head, would influence the behavior of the bees. So beekeepers should be able to achieve a psychological balance and calm while working.


The most fascinating aspect (at least for the two young beekeepers) is certainly represented by the fact that every time you open an hive, you acquire new knowledge about the world of bees. It's always a surprise and a moment of excitement.

What fascinates me the most, is to see how caring for something so complex and delicate, can help us understand how important is the natural balance of animals and how clearly we must respect that.
Next time I'll get a suit as well and I will tell another story of these amazing creatures and the intriguing job of a beekeeper.