Yosemite Valley


We love mountains. And with this quick trip to Yosemite we finally got to breathe a marvelous mountain scenery that we had not seen for quite some time. 

Very different from what we are used to experience in Europe, since we do not have deserts, it was a surprise when we arrived in the valley gasping and flushed in this hot summer.

The falls were quite dry, but despite this, it was clear the greatness and majesty of the nature.
2016-01-11 16_26_31.gif
These mountains are gorgeous, they remind me of the Italian Dolomites. 
But more bare and sinuous, with this enchanted silvery color of the rock, like giant sagging of precious minerals.
Squirrels and birds seemed very comfortable posing for photos. And how many oaks! A rich feast for the fauna of the valley.