The rebirth after the storm

After an insane drought, California has been going through an unusual rainy season. El Nino perturbation has brought a much need refresh to the Bay Area and I finally see this land with different tones and views. I had several occasions to explore my neighborhood and parks in the East Bay, North Berkeley and capture the consequences of such a weather.

It rained for days and days and days, without interruption. For a couple of months we were completely overwhelmed by the rain.
It was surreal.
2016-04-10 20_13_44.gif
The nature seemed to be awaken from an ancient sleep. From the dry and colorless to the vivid luxuriance of the nature all around us.
I never seen such a green. A green that remind me of the Alps during the rainy season. Beautiful deep fresh green.
Flowers are blooming everywhere, an incredible variety of colors, and the grass seems to stretch high like it is just awakening.
A different California, never seen before, where the colors and the scents of nature are surrounding us us completely.