Ruby elegance


Russian River area, north from San Francisco. A beautiful valley surrounded by ancient redwoods, animals and silence. We spent the week end in Guerneville, a small quite town just a few miles from the Armstrong Redwood Park. 

But I won't talk about the beauty of the Californian redwood this time, what catch my attention was the elegant fly of little hummingbirds. These birds have such a bizarre way to fly, quickly moving in any direction and then firmly freeze in fly. Untiring, steady and dogged.

The hero of this story is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird: brilliant, tiny, fast, precision-flying creatures shine like a jewels in the sun reflection. The coat color and the long beak, inspire such a golden elegance and stylish. So regal and shiny... 
Then it started raining over the forest, but this didn't stop these little birds to stay around and make a bit of a show for me.
The dark of the night came, the giants shadows of the redwood started dissenting over covering everything, leaving only the few lights of warm houses in the valley.